WELEDA Conference

20th to 22nd May 2022

From 20th to 22nd May Weleda, together with our Ita Wegman Forum, will hold the first of 3 conferences on the Tria Principia, to lead up to the 100 year anniversary of the Course for Young Doctors in 2024. This first conference will focus on the Sal process and the phenomenon of pain. It will be an amazing opportunity to use the laboratory at Weleda to really experience some of the principles around the Sal (crystalline) process. The invitation is primarily aimed at students of medicine/pharmacy but also open to therapists, doctors, pharmacists, spaces are limited to 50 people. The conference will be in German, but we'll try and translate into English wherever possible.

For registration please contact:

Carolin Jansen: cjansen@weleda.de

or visit: www.weleda.de/fachportal

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